Our activity started in 1946. With 70 years of experience, Nordlogway is positioned as a leading logistics provider. Our development is based on sustainable management, customer satisfaction, and a solid network of trusted partners.

  • 1946


    “Transportes Generales Nortes” was founded, offering a haulage and messenger service between Torelló and Barcelona.
  • 1977


    The company was transformed into Transnord SA and Agència Nord SA. We consolidated our haulage and distribution activity in Spain
  • 1978


    We used one of the first computers on the market to computerize processes, resulting in significantly improved services, both in terms of reliability and speed.
  • 1981


    We opened our current warehouse at Torelló, covering 2,800 m2, to improve our goods distribution service.
  • 1983


    We set up offices in Barcelona to improve distribution throughout Catalonia.
  • 1986


    We specialized in ADR haulage and distribution, becoming pioneers in this area of transport in Catalonia.
  • 1995


    We specialized in logistics and warehousing.
  • 1996


    We obtained ISO 9002 Quality certification, currently ISO 9001.
  • 1998


    We moved the Barcelona office to Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, to a new 4,200 m2 premises. We unveiled our website www.agencianord.com
  • 2005


    We unveiled a new premises covering over 6,000 m2 on C/ Empordà in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda. We updated the radio-frequency systems in our facilities and replaced the emitters in our vehicles with mobile phones.
  • 2007


    We opened a new 24 m-high warehouse on C/ Carles Regàs Cavalleria, Manlleu, with a smart warehousing system that provides high turn-around in pallets and has a section for dry foodstuffs at room temperature with the corresponding phyto-sanitary certification
  • 2008


    We remodelled and fully extended our Torelló premises to make it more competitive. We also installed GPS localisation systems in our fleet of vehicles.
  • 2015


    The new brand Nordlogway was created to group all the services

Nordlogway is a 3PL logistics provider located in Barcelona that is focused on providing customers with an exclusive, personalised service, guaranteeing the security of your merchandise and the reliability of our deadlines. We have leading facilities and technology, a highly-qualified staff on hand and a large network of collaborators.